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When is Mercury Retrograde?

When is Mercury Retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde Monster

I chat with people everyday and I know that each of us has a thousand things to do. But four times a year, for about three weeks at a time, that list seems to triple. It’s the dreaded Mercury retrograde. It’s that period of time where the pleasant little planet Mercury grows into a computer-crashing, car-stopping, shipment-crushing monster. But instead of fleeing for the hillsides or gathering the neighbors and chasing it with torches I want to suggest a different approach. Let’s have Mercury work for us.

Mercury retrograde can help us establish good habits. When something is started on a retrograde then during a future retrograde you are more likely to go back and work on that thing. So exercises programs and healthy eating on the personal side and sending out newsletters and marketing on the business side are all good uses of the retrograde.

Mercury retrograde can help us increase business. When Mercury is in retrograde it tends to double things. So if you get a new customer you will get a second. If you sell a high priced item it is very likely you will sell another. And customers who have visited on previous retrogrades are likely to come back during this time.

Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to go back and finish what was left undone previously.

Sometimes we have trouble getting to the daily tasks of accounting, getting the car’s oil changed, updating the website. Mercury in retrograde makes us feel compelled to get these things done.

By focusing on doing things you want to repeat (vacations, regular advertising, buying jewelry) and avoiding doing things you don’t to repeat (root canals, engine rebuilds, divorcing) you can tame the Mercury retrograde monster. Just remember to back up your computer before Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Through the Houses

Mercury Retrograde in the 1st house: This retrograde is going to be a very busy time for you. Everyone wants your attention and it seems your list of things to do is endless. This is a good time to review your appearance and make changes. The change won’t be permanent but part of a process that you will continue in a few months. Consider how you are presenting yourself to the world and change accordingly. You are prone to arguments this retrograde about old subjects you thought were done. Go easy on them and try to hold your stinger back you may regret hasty words. Make a list of things you want to accomplish and then limit your day to just a few. There will be time tomorrow.

Mercury Retrograde in the 2nd house: This retrograde is a bit personal. There will be no time for you and your comfort and you will have to at times force the issue. It will be a busy time and no time for rest. Financial matters need close scrutiny especially ones you thought you put to bed already. Review bills and charge slips and watch for mistakes in their favor. Customers may return things but they will also return to buy again. This is a wonderful time to buy quality furniture and other non-electronic items for your comfort (clothes, shoes, handbags). If you do then the means and opportunity to get more nice items will come next retrograde. Make a list of bills to be paid and mark them on the calendar, this retrograde it will be easy to forget them.

Mercury Retrograde in the 3rd house: This retrograde affects your vehicle. Mercury retrograde is very hard on vehicles anyway. Drive defensively and try to avoid policeman who will issue tickets in pairs. Your car might be making funny noises but try to wait until the retrograde passes before taking it in. If you must have the car worked on during this retrograde make sure to get a guarantee as you will probably have to take it back for the same problem soon. Communications are also very affected, make copies before sending out anything of importance, and do follow up calls to make sure things are received. Try not to get too frustrated by the amount of busy signals and answer machines you get just say ‘it’s mercury retrograde, it will pass’. The good news is there is positive contact with siblings or neighbors. It is good to get together with neighbors you like as they will reciprocate in a few months. Give your car some tender loving care by washing it or detailing it. And make a list of paperwork type of things to do and set it aside for after the retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde in the 4th house: You may be thinking of moving or changing the house in some way. If you do you may find yourself moving again in less than a year. And once you have moved the furniture on a retrograde you will move it every retrograde. It would be better to spend the retrograde planning the move but try to move after Mercury goes direct. There will be contact from family members, specifically mother and the rehashing of old family issues you thought were past. Make a list of what you do like about your home and sit back and enjoy.

Mercury Retrograde in the 5th house: This retrograde means it is time for fun. You are going to feel too busy for fun but if you don’t schedule some fun you will find yourself missing out. You will find you are very popular with many people wanting your attention, pick and choose what you want to do and who you want to be with. There is a good chance you will hear from a past love. This may be a bona vide offer to reconnect. But remember when the retrograde passes the pull to reunite will fade also and he may turn into the pumpkin that he was before. Make a list of a few fun things to do in the next couple weeks and don’t let your busy schedule dissuade you.

Mercury Retrograde in the 6th house: This retrograde is going to affect the way you take care of your body. This is the perfect time to start eating healthy or if you are already watching your diet it is time to do some fine tuning. If you begin healthy eating now even if you lag later in the year you will return to it each retrograde. Consider that Gemini’s need some variety and so try to vary your diet and exercise. Dancing would be a great exercise right now. Try to avoid elective surgery at this time as it may have to be done twice. Make a list of what you are eating now and try to make a few positive changes in your diet.

Mercury Retrograde in the 7th house: This retrograde is going to affect your relationships. It can cause us to relook at existing relationship. And love relationships begun at this time may not last for more than a few months so try to keep it light and friendly. To make things more comfortable in relationships realize that it is hard to make contact, messages will be lost or misunderstood. This is a very good time to find new customers because they will buy from you twice. And they are more likely to refer others. This is not a good time to try and break up with someone, it is not over yet. Make list of old friends and customers you have not spoken to in a while and make a point of contacting them all.

Mercury Retrograde in the 8th house: This retrograde is going to affect the resources that you receive from others. Promises will be broken or delayed. You may need to pay special attention to banking and loans as you may not be charged correctly. This will be an excellent time to balance check books, and put financial things in order. Know if you are expecting capital gains or inheritance that it may be delayed. This is a good time to call people who owe you money and to investigate into financial matters. Make a list of financial things that need to be done and do them during this time.

Mercury Retrograde in the 9th house: This retrograde can affect your travel. Travel on the retrograde is actually okay just don’t expect your luggage to make the trip with you. This time there is a need to pay attention to school if you are involved in tests, scholarships or writing papers. Make copies of everything before submitting. This is also a time to put some attention to legal matters that may be pending. Life may seem a bit overwhelming but try to take it one step at a time. It is important during this time that you take some quiet time and list things that are undone so nothing comes a great shock.

Mercury Retrograde in the 10th house: This retrograde your career is highlighted. Promotions and raises are delayed and it is possible there could be some staff changes. It would be wise to take this opportunity to update the old resume and network a bit in your field. Though changing jobs at this time is not recommended it is always good to have contacts. This is a good time to look at your career and start to plot out where you want to be in your future. Make a list of the steps you need to take to get to your destination. Contact with authority figures or your father also quite possible.

Mercury Retrograde in the 11th house: This retrograde is complicating computer use. It is possible you will spend a good part of the next few weeks getting tech support for your system. This is not a good time to buy computers or other electronics. And keep an eye on your cell phone as it may take a walk. But this is a great time for reconnecting with old friends, ones you have not seen in a long while. They may even bring business opportunities to you. You may try to end a friendship but try to wait until the retrograde passes as this friend my redeem themselves yet. Make a list of people from your past and watch who comes back.

Mercury Retrograde in the 12th house: This retrograde will be an introspective time. Your constitution may not be at it’s usual strength so take some extra precautions like herbs or vitamins. You may find yourself visiting someone who is recuperating. Otherwise you may find it hard to contact or connect with any one. There is a real desire to cocoon and sleep. It is important not to fall into old bad habits but to find new good habits like daily meditation or yoga. See a few movies you have seem before and ask yourself why you are attracted to those characters. Make a list for your subconscious of mysteries you want solved, questions for the universe and watch your dreams for answers.

My Favorite Book on Mercury Retrograde

Readings and Remote Clearings with Donna Stellhorn

Personal readings with Donna

Yes, personal readings are available. I love talking to people and telling them about their talents, opportunities and what's ahead. And I love meeting other Astrologers and hearing about my chart.

But it wasn't always so.

When I was young, before I started studying Astrology, I really wanted to hear about my chart. I wanted to know what I could do to find love. Would I get married? Where would I live? How could I be sure about my career direction? How could I know if I was going to be a success?

But I was afraid.

What if the Astrologer told me something scary? I was actually so nervous about this that I decided to study Astrology so I could read my chart for myself.

What I found was that Astrology is a map. This map could tell me which paths were going to be hard and which ones were going to be smooth. It told me when in my life there was going to be delays and where it was going to be traffic-free. And how every obstacle had multiple ways around it if I knew far enough in advance.

So while still in my first year of studying Astrology, so I'm a total baby-Astrologer, I went to my teacher for a reading. It was great. She told me about this talent I had and opportunities that were coming. At the very end she said, “and by the way, you could make a lot more money if I asked your employer for a raise and after six months you will be let go.”

Let go! I was stunned.

I drove home thinking about what she had said. Approach my boss for more money - how scary! And I was going to lose my job in six months! I went home and thought about it all evening.

In the morning I woke, angry with my boss (who had done nothing at this point) and I had a plan. I would quit and find another job, a better paying job with someone who appreciated me. I was ready to face the boss.

My boss' reaction was not what I expected. He said, “please don't quit. We just bought a new computer system and we want you to install it”. This made sense, I was the data processing manager at the time and back then computer systems took up whole rooms. It would take months to install the computer system and bring everyone up to speed on the new software.

I said, “okay, I'll stay but I want double my salary and I don't want to have to go to any meetings”. And amazingly my boss said yes. Six months later the computer was installed, the new software was fully tested and everyone was trained. My job was no longer needed. I was let go just as my Astrology teacher had predicted. But I walked out the door with a load of extra money in my pocket and a dozen job leads I had found over the previous months.

Could it have happened another way? Yes. An Astrology chart is an interactive map. Sometimes roads are closed, sometimes new highways are built. For me, I could have just stayed in that job and then lost the job in six months. Or I could have quit right then and found something else and maybe that job would have only lasted six months. But by knowing what the map said I could make a choice.


. Let me know if you want details about a private consultation.


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